Do you want to know what things are like, here? Here's what clients have had to say about hypnotherapy at Healing Voice.

From Lee S.:

Interacting with Partha it was very clear that he has a passion for hypnosis and that his many years of education have allowed him to assist many other people to achieve results with the use of hypnosis. Partha is a genuine, thoughtful and enthusiastic individual that cares about his patients and thoroughly enjoys working with them to enhance their overall life.

From Lu:

At 46, I was still a nail biter. Only I took nail biting to a whole new level, going for not just nails but all the skin around my nails. Round one; nails would be taken down so short that my nerves would be exposed. Then in round two, there was always the glorious hangnails that would follow, which strangely I welcomed because once the nails were gone I conveniently had a back up of material to "chew on". I'd painfully tear it off causing myself to bleed…That would be the beginning and the cycle of healing would begin (but only temporary of course). Wounds naturally scab which would welcome round three; the re-tearing of the scabs. About that time, the nails would be growing back...The cycle would repeat itself daily, to yearly. It was embarrassing, and painful. My fingers would hurt so much that they would swell up and bleed that I had to hide them in my pockets when I'd notice others noticing. Always the worst part of the day was at night when it would catch up with me. I would look at my fingers and ask myself what I was thinking. I'd slather vitamin E oil all over my hands before bed and swear it was the last time. It was so painful and ugly, not to mention insane. This ritual has gone on for literally…YEARS.

I knew deep down, there was something that keeps drawing me back to this unsavory habit. Tired of it, I thought it was worth giving hypnosis a try. What was to loose? I went to one session with Healing Voice, and I can't tell you how amazing this service was. It was very comfortable & relaxing, Dr. Rajagopal was so kind. I spent one session with Healing Voice a month ago and have never once bit my nails since walking out. Dr.Rajagopal is not just about the single issue you may want to address (or he can be if thats all you have), he is about your entire state of wellness. There was an immediate trust and his work is so sincere. We all suffer from varying degrees of stress, and how it shows itself is different for everyone. For me, it reveals itself in this bad habit. I know there are worse habits but all I can say is that Im so happy with the results, I only wish Id gone sooner. I have flawless nails and fingers now! If you have a bad habit you sincerely would like to change, I highly recommend Healing Voice!

From Julie:

Partha is wonderful and very good at hypnotherapy. I have wanted to quit smoking for several years and tried everything. Finally I found a special offer for Healing Voice and made an appointment. Despite the special offer I had, Partha didn't skimp on his time with me at all. He was very helpful! After only 2 sessions with him, I have been smoke free for 2 months! I have been telling everyone about Partha and how he helped me be successful! If you're having any issues, Partha is the person to go see at Healing Voice!

From Thearza:

For the past 6 months I was having trouble sleeping. For someone who was sleeping 7-8 hours/night I was only getting 2 hours and always between 7-10am. After the 6th month we decided to try Hypnotherapy and that's when we met Partha Rajagopal. After the 1st session I went back to sleeping like a baby. It was amazing! It was like having my Reset button pushed and now everything is working back to normal. Thank you again!

From Carl:

I have always been somewhat suspicious of hypnosis by anyone, especially those providing treatment. However, in all honesty I did indeed find the entire process provided by Partha Rajagopal to be outstanding, easy to relax to and overall quite satisfactory.

From Janet:

Very pleasant experience, informational, positive and it works. Partha is a very understanding, compassionate man. I highly recommend.

From Jennifer:

I highly recommend Partha at The Healing Voice. The environment is comfortable and welcoming. Partha is easy to talk to and you will always go away with having a valuable experience. I still listen to my sessions when I need help staying motivated on my journey and I wouldn't hesitate to have another session if I felt like I needed it. It was well worth the time and money.

From Catherine:

I want to thank you for your understanding and ability to show me a way to release deep-rooted emotional pain and anger that had become stuck in my body. Thanks to your guided meditations and suggestions, I was able to neutralize many negative thoughts and feelings that had kept me trapped in the past replaying the same old hurts for years. I feel younger and more energized now that I am no longer carrying around so much emotional baggage.

From Nate:

I have been trouble sleeping at my place. I have a neighbor that keeps me up all night buy making noise. He has helped me sleep. He has helped me a lot -- thank you!

From Mark:

Partha knows how to listen, and is very confident in his work. If you are considering hypnotherapy you are in very good hands. Partha is committed to helping you succeed!

From John:

If someone tells you that you can’t buy focus, don’t believe them. You can buy it from Partha, like I did, and make more money in one month than ever.

From Stephanie:

Beyond my wildest dreams. Absolutely fantastic service. Partha is a genius. I was immediately made to feel welcome and comfortable. I left changed. Really changed.

From Todd:

Partha is an amazing man, spiritually resourceful, and insightful. I would definitely recommend his services!

From Jeff:

Great value, Partha was extremely thorough and patient. Very relaxing and excited to continue using his hypnotherapy services and techniques he taught at our first session.

From Anna:

Just wanted to let you know I am having this amazing day with my boys.  I've had to "breathe" a few times times today but was able to patiently disarm the 6 yr old out of two temper tantrums today!  Success!! I listened to the audio CD last night and practiced the self hypnosis last night.  I woke up feeling great, optimistic and happy.  And then this happened; my son was just walking down the hall, he stopped, turned and looked at me very intently and without any prompting or cause, he said, "Mommy, I love you" and ran up and gave me a big hug. I don't know what exactly has changed but I think he feels that something has.  Thank you!!!!!

From Kathy:

It was an unbelievable experience. Partha explained everything and really listened to my wants and needs, then took me into deep relaxation mode. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer!

From Deborah:

I had a great experience. Partha is caring and very knowledgeable about hypnosis. I felt calm and relaxed when I left his office. He sent me a follow up email with additional resources that will help me further. I would go back and recommend him to anyone.

From Catherine:

Consultation was as described. Partha has a soothing voice and gives you lots of information on the process

From Heather:

Partha was so comforting and made me feel very comfortable. He gave me a plan for future improvement, not just a simple answer. Very professional.

From Greg:

This has been a great experience. Only have had one visit, but excited to continue with the program.

From Jennifer K.:

Partha is a wonderful and innovative hypnotist.  His knowledge of his craft seems vast and he explains the process and the phenomena in great detail. He is thorough and patient throughout the intake process and tailors the session to best fit your personal needs. He made me feel comfortable and welcome and followed up with me after my session to see how I was doing and what else might be helpful.  After my session I had much less anxiety and increased confidence and I would recommend him to anyone!

From Patti:

It is rare to find a person as intelligent, dedicated, and willing to share as Partha. He has a gift for understanding and getting to the root of issues that makes him a true professional in his field.  I would highly recommend him.

From Tara:

Partha is a natural. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to make a change in their lives or just wanting to relax. He is creative and innovative with his methods, making his sessions a truly individualized experience, designed just for your needs. He also gets to the heart of one's needs, using very effective methods that work. I am always impressed with what he comes up with, and how fluid and calming he is to listen to.

From Christine:

I had some anxiety about a vocal performance, and called Partha for help. Not only did I perform very well, following his hypnosis, I also enjoyed myself thoroughly! Partha is warm, welcoming and intuitive and I recommend his services highly.

From Rose:

Partha has a gift for hypnotherapy.  He is empathetic toward his clients and I found his work to be very effective in helping me overcome my fear of making changes in my life.  Using his creative talents and life wisdom, he strategically weaves the client's problem into a beautiful and intricate hypnotic story, which he uses while the client is in hypnosis.  He then follows his clients closely after their sessions and offers supplemental material to enhance the work he does in session.

I am blown away by the power of hypnotherapy and am very pleased with the positive effects of just two sessions with Partha.  If you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend calling Healing Voice PDX today for your first session.  You won't regret it.

From Jennifer:

Partha immediately makes you feel comfortable and welcome with his calming and compassionate nature. He tailors the session to fit who you are and what you need to heal. I entered his office in a state of high anxiety which was causing me sleep issues and general health issues. After one session I left feeling renewed, calm, and hopeful. Partha is extremely gifted and skilled and I recommend him to anyone!

From Ashok R.:

I have been having couple issues that hurt me and others all along in my life. After hearing about Partha, my wife just drove me over to his office. He was compassionate, didn't make me feel guilty and guided me very well through hypnosis. I didn't believe that it would work for me, but I'm surprised not that it worked, but how well it worked for me. Its been about 2 weeks now, and i have to say its about 95% improvement in such a short time.

I would strongly recommend anyone, his voice is calming, and what you hear while under hypnosis has a deep and permanent effect in lifestyle change.

Everybody around me seems to be happy! I'm extremely thrilled and able to get things done without hurting anyone.


From Kieran:

Partha is amazing! He demonstrated an uncanny ability to truly hear me, understand, and connect with me. I shared with him the details of a  deeply-held challenge as he listened with compassion and eagerness to help me overcome the symptoms. Once under hypnosis,  he spoke directly to me and caused a profound shift with powerful metaphors and imagery that struck me as quite profound. Thank you, Partha. I will happily recommend you to everyone I know.

From Monica:

I was a skeptic about hypnosis, but my mind was changed through my experience at healing voice. I think hypnotherapy should be used more often, because without convincing someone's mind, the body can't be healed easily. I had a lot of body pains, in addition to having some of my own problems with confidence. Partha was the right person to help me realize and achieve my dreams. He has that "healing voice" that spoke to my inner mind and simply changed my perceptions of the world. I had been looking at it with a warped mindset and limiting myself and not feeling the connection between myself and the world. At Healing Voice, those views were changed. I got the calmness and clarity that I needed all along but could not reach. Partha also uses story telling to help aid the connecting process between real issues and imagination. I was able to understand the similarities and they helped me understand the changes happening inside, as well. I am changed as a person and I feel very positive. I have learned to cope with stress and anxiety too. I have not only benefitted from Healing Voice hypnotherapy, I am also strongly recommending it to many of my friends to go and get the benefits of hypnosis. Five stars for sure.

From Selina:

Partha is an incredible person to work with. His voice is calming and his intuition is wonderful. He knows how to really understand what your issue is and turn it into something positive through his words and through YOUR perception of your own issues.When I came to Partha, I had severe stress issues. I had just moved somewhere far, I had felt isolated, and as a result, I had a difficult time with my confidence and my belief in myself. Partha was not, in any way, judgmental. He was calm, courteous, and even funny. I walked into my few sessions with him a stressed and worried person with a bleak future and walked out confident, positive, and glowing. My family's even commented on how positive I've become, and it's really made me feel wonderful about myself. I've been able to focus on my health, my relationships, and my responsibilities without feeling the scattered distractions in my head from stress.

Partha knew that it was about my own personal understanding of the situation and using my own personal views to fix what I considered "problems" - instead of saying there was something to be corrected or that there was a way to fix everything, he made it possible for me to discover and believe in the solutions MYSELF.

There is nothing that feels better than getting a little push from someone who really, truly cares about what you're going through and really knows what they're doing to get you there. I give Partha my full five stars, and a sincere thank-you!