Somehow you got into it and now you feel that it has taken over you. You want to live a healthy life, like others do. You do know the harmful effects of smoking -- yet you're doing it.

If you are looking at this page, it is clear that you have the desire to quit smoking. You have already taken the first step in that direction. It is the first step in your journey at the end of which you will meet a very happy and strong willed person who has absolute control over temptation to smoke - YOU.

Imagine being that person who feels fresh and healthy, who knows life is there to be lived to the fullest extent and becomes productive. Hold that image in your mind for a few seconds. Fully experience that image as though it is a reality. When you open your eyes, you will feel the desire to quit smoking more intense. This is the time for taking the second step forward.

Call me or email me and we can meet. The lovely, smoke free person is already inside you. I will help you realize it and make it real. Nothing will make me happier than to have you call me one day and say that you no longer smoke. We can fix that day on a calendar and work towards it in four steps. You can proudly mark that date and celebrate that day every year for becoming that real person you are.

I can be reached at (503) 489 7725. Please leave your name, a number to reach, where you live and when you can be reached. I will get back to you right away. Let us work towards a healthy living.

Ah stress! Doesn't stress make us feel as though we are entrapped inside a box that limits us from functioning normally?

Stress has cumulative effect on an individual. Realize that stress is actually a defense mechanism in us. It is trying to protect us from hurting ourselves. However, its build up begins to change us from within and affects our outlook and perspective of the world around us. Stress is always present. It is like the polluted air around us. We cannot help breathing the polluted air. But pollution varies from place to place. We find places where pollution is minimal and prefer to live or work in that environment. The same is true for stress. It happens. There is not much one can do about it. But, we can find that space within us that can minimize the impact of stress. Those who can retreat into that inner space when stress intensifies, can remain unscathed and unaffected.

At Healing Voice, I will work with you on coping with stress rather than eliminate the reality that causes stress. There are techniques that you can use on a regular basis that will keep your inner mind at peace irrespective of the situation outside. You will learn desensitization techniques, self hypnosis and reshape those aspects in your mind that trigger your stress response.

Realize that it is not stress itself that is affecting you. It is how you deal with stress that is critical. If you know how to protect yourself from getting "stressed out" then you can handle every situation calmly and remain unaffected to a large extent.

Give it a try. You can call me at 503 489 7725 or email me through the contact form at this website. I usually have a chat with you initially and based on the situation, we can decide on the number of sessions needed. Usually it does not take more than two sessions (and in some cases, just one session) and you will walk away confident at dealing with stress. I am looking forward to working with you.

If you are reading this page, it is clear that you have the intention to do something about your weight. Inside of you is a beautiful and wonderful person. Look at yourself in the mirror and go past that image reflected in front of you. You will see the real you, the one you desire to be. You can do that by just visualizing that image. With mind, one can create all possibilities. Every step we take in our life, every effort we take need our minds to be fully involved in that effort. If our minds get distracted, efforts do not bear the desired result.

There are many methods and treatments being offered for bringing weight under desired level and maintaining it there. Somehow, some people take the sincere effort, reach that goal and then find themselves back to where they started. It is simple to explain this. If our minds have deep buried issues then those issues will keep on bringing us back to our cravings and temptations. As someone wise once said, "It's the mind, stupid!".

At Healing Voice, you will be helped in tracing back to that factor that is holding you back and work towards reshaping that factor towards a positive goal. In three sessions, you will be helped in reconditioning yourself through setting reasonable goals, self-hypnosis techniques, resisting temptations and being determined to achieve your goal. You will not only feel empowered and in control, you will become an inspiration for others. If we can inspire others, it is one of the greatest services we can do to the world. Make your goal two-fold: To show yourself that you can achieve success at your effort and being an inspiration to others to emulate you.

If you are keen on giving hypnotherapy for weight management a try, please call me at 503-589-7725 or you can email me through the contact form at this website. I am eager to work with you. Nothing will make me happier than to see you accomplish your success at your effort.

Sometimes people avoid social circumstances because somehow it creates a lot of discomfiture in their minds. This can be making a presentation to an audience or performing an act on stage or playing to one's fullest potential. Inside each one of us, our potential is tremendous. Somehow it does not fully reveal itself in some people because of inhibitions that hinder them from being who they are and respecting themselves. Realize that the world respects those who respects themselves.

The key to being oneself and radiating one's self respect is to carry the state of inner calmness everywhere. If you watch an NBA star leaping high and flying to the hoop and dunking the ball, it is almost like poetry in motion. Imagine Michael Jordan in slow motion in a Nike commercial! Actually, the player is experiencing that. To him, time goes really slow at that moment. The entire crowd, the noise and the court have disappeared. All he sees is the basket and himself approaching it with the ball on his hand in slow motion. Such is the poise and elegance in his action that it looks out of the world. Now that is inner calmness. An NBA game is extremely intense and time is a critical factor. One has only 22 seconds to go to the other side while dodging a defense made up of pros and making incredible shots at the same time. If one can slow time in his mind though inner calmness, what comes out of it is true master class.

It is not that only accomplished athletes and performers can do what I have described above. You can do the same thing. Do not believe that you are incapable. Give hypnotherapy a try. It can change your outlook completely and give you a glimpse of what is hidden inside of you. It is not going to make you lift a truck for sure. But it will make you good at what you are cringing away from. If you feel nervous about asking questions in public, or if you feel ten thousand butterflies in your belly when you face an audience, or if you are somehow missing that shot that matters in every game, it is because you have left your inner calmness behind.

At Healing Voice, you and I will work on the situation that you want to conquer. You will learn methods of desensitizing yourself from your usual fears, learn self hypnosis to enhance your self respect, and creating that space of inner calmness within your mind. And you can carry it everywhere and face any situation with that calmness and confidence.

If you want to do better, please do contact me at 503 489 7725. I can also be reached through my contact form. I will definitely reach you. Nothing will make me happier than to see you conquer your limitations.


You can also check my resources and tools on Healing Voice's blog. I would love to help you to succeed in any way that I can.